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​About Michelle
Celebrity Interior Designer, Michelle Ruben, believes that home design is like any other creative art form, you need to allow the process to reveal itself.  Recognized for her collaborative inspiration and sensitive ability to really hear her clients needs. Michelle loves to co-create with clients to express the soul of the property for the homeowner.

Born with a flair for aesthetics, Ruben’s professional career began as casual offers to bail a few neighbors out of design disasters.  Manager for pop stars, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, Larry Rudolph handed the keys to his condo over to Michelle when he realized the strength of her talents and said, “Have at it!”

Having been trained in the illustrious Meredith Baer Home, a world premier design company, she designed and staged over 150 of Los Angeles’s mulit million dollar homes in less than two years. 

Part of the secret to Michelle’s sought after magic touch is her ability to raise the value of a selling house.  Larry Rudolph credits his impressive 33% profit in less than six months, in a down market, to Michelle Ruben Interior Design’s uniquely creative, modern spacial layouts.

Today Michelle Ruben Interiors continues to be a highly recognized full service design company. Her clients’ range from her local Venice community to celebrities to world class developers.  She is also an instrumental member of the Anchor Loans team who currently flips and builds over 230 homes a year in Los Angeles.  

Michelle delights in bringing cutting edge resources to her clients, and continues to educate herself, in an effort to enhance her creativity and communicate her vision.  She selectively looks for innovate partners in this evolving world.  As real estate agents continue to recommend her, Michelle seeks out cutting edge furniture, accessories, and lighting to enhance a forward thinking visual environment.  Michelle says, "I want to bring to my client's what is hot next year, not what is hot now," as she seeks out the most talented of lightening designers, cabinet builders, and upholstery specialists.  Even with the upper echelon of properties that Michelle decorates, she personally enjoys bringing preferential pricing to her clients.

Michelle knows a home is very personal, and it’s an honor to be invited in to someone’s intimate space.